Bryanna Bradley I EMBRACE


Bryanna Bradley is a photographer based in Tofino, British Columbia, although can be found in tropical locations often. Inspired by the ocean and the beautiful community of cold water surfers in Tofino, Bryanna finds salvation while submerged in the ocean and inspiration in the fast changing light and enchanting landscape of the Pacific Northwest, her life has now gone from a love for the ocean to a dependency. 

 Bryanna began shooting surfing in her backyard in 2016 with a goal to bring female cold water surfing in Canada to the global stage. Through her photos, Bryanna hopes to inspire females to get amongst their own piece of nature, their inspiration, their salvation that makes them feel the most alive, and celebrate it.


Embrace is a collection of Bryanna’s images from around the world to bring one a sense of the oceans embrace. Using her own artistic feminine flare to accentuate the women in her photos and the passion and freedom they experience as a result from embracing their time in water.

Through these images, you will experience the meaning of embrace, through the salt water, the variety of conditions, cold and warm climate, the beautiful moments, the hard moments, and diversity of emotions that bloom from time spent in the ocean. Creating a space to feel ones own sensitivity at it upmost natural state or experiencing euphoria after the perfect ride, being a part of the ocean, the wave, the movement, embracing one’s inner child is what surfing is all about. 

As a photographer, embracing the elements, the light, the magic shared between the camera and the surfer, this is the inspiration vital to Bryanna’s work. Learning to embrace all that comes along with the the ocean and by doing so the ocean has embraced her life and her photographic perspective, this collection of photos is merely a representation of many diverse relationships of embrace. 

Website:   |    Instagram: @bryannabradleyphotography 


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Taylor Slater | THE PINK COAST


Taylor Slater is South Florida born and raised multi-medium artist. Her artwork is constantly being inspired by nature and the emotions it evokes within people. Beginning with graphic design and lifestyle photography, Slater has, in the last two years, transitioned from digital art to painting. Slater began painting with resin and acrylic paint in 2017 and has since then had shows in New York and Hawaii. Slater’s main goal is to emulate nature’s messages through her paintings and she hopes her artwork will inspire others toward joining the fight against plastic pollution.


THE PINK COAST is an exact replica of a place that I wish I could visit but never have. It is a coast filled with pink sunsets and pink sand beaches. Sunsets have the sheer power to stop life for a moment and embody the power to take you back to an utterly romantic point in time. Sunsets are peaceful, exciting, romantic, and nostalgic. With this collection, I am replicating nature and the feelings it evokes through the use of epoxy resin, acrylic ink, and spray paint. With hopes to honor women artists, surfers, entrepreneurs, and filmmakers, this is my first show emphasizing and utilizing the color pink. It is also my first show experimenting with spray paint as a medium. My goal for this show is not only for it to transport others to a beautiful destination, but also to invite others to join the fight to keep our beaches clean and bring awareness to the plastic pollution that is harming them.

Website:    |    Instagram:  @taylrsltr 


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